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MageWorx Acquires Webtex Software and 
Commits to Invest in SavvyCube
Posted by Vitaly Gonkov on 18 June 2015 10:22 AM

MageWorx Acquired Webtex

A big day for MageWorx!

It’s been difficult keeping it under wraps, and we can’t longer wait to share great news with you!

We are proud to announce that MageWorx has acquired Webtex Software. 

The acquisition will let our company expand into new niches, extend the range of products and offer better services.

About Webtex Software

Webtex Software specializes in developing Magеnto solutions and providing custom development for the platform.

The company’s product portfolio includes 17 top-rated Magento extensions, and Savvy Cube – SAAS analytics for Magento.

Webtex Software was founded in 2009 in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Since then the company has successfully implemented dozens of software projects, sold their extensions to thousands of Magento store owner, and subsequently established themselves as on of the prominent players in the market.

MageWorx appreciates Webtex achievements. And we are sure that the acquisition will add genuine value to our company product range and strengthen our current position on the market.

What Webtex Customers Can Expect

The acquisition brings a handful of benefits for all Webtex customers.


We will be gradually adding Webtex modules to our MageWorx Extensions Store (and our extensions will be placed on Webtex website as well). Thus, each company customers will be able to easily find a module for practically any purpose all in one place.

All Webtex modules added on our website will be slightly rebranded and reissued under our auspices.


Any purchase of Webtex Products in MageWorx Extensions Store opens access to MageWorx Customer Loyalty Program. The Program lets users earn reward points/ internal credits and then use them to save on any further purchases.

Also, Webtex customers will be able to take part in any promo campaign organized by MageWorx.


The united team of MageWorx and Webtex will continue, through the supported systems and processes, to provide the high level of support that users have come to expect.

Customers can continue using the same support methods that they have been using for their support inquiries on Webtex website (that includes submitting a support ticket and a Live!Chat).

The support service will remain FREE forever.


All new features and performance improvements will come for FREE for all Webtex new and existing customers.


Refunds of any purchase made on Webtex website, will be processed according to the current company’s refund policy (within 30 days since the moment of purchase).

* * * * *

Also, MageWorx has committed to invest in SavvyCube – eCommerce analytics for Magento.

About SavvyCube

SavvyCube is SAAS-based software designed to help Magento store owners get the precise and reliable insight into how their online business is actually doing.

What SavvyCube Users Can Expect

A lot of new, top-notch features and significant performance improvements.

The ultimate goal is to make the software the most advanced data analytics ecosystem that incorporates internal and external data sources, advanced analytics tools and data science expertise.

Also, we are planning to integrate the software with other popular eCommerce platforms besides Magento.

* * * * *

Got questions or concerns? Feel free to contact us.

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Developers Paradise 2015: the 1st Event on Magento 2.0
Posted by Vitaly Gonkov on 16 December 2014 09:55 AM

Screen Shot 2014-12-16 at 1.00.42 PM

On January 11th 2015, the next in row Magento event – Developers Paradise will land in a snowy place called Kaprun (Austria).

A 3-day event, organized in the form of barcamp sessions, will be entirely focused on further Magento development with emphasis on the upcoming release of 2.0 version. The conference will bring together Magento development experts and those who just started learning the platform.

Such a format will give all the conference attendees  a unique chance to closely interact with other Magento enthusiasts. During the evening barcamp sessions they will be able to share their knowledge and experience,  master the leading eCommerce platform and discover the secrets of the upcoming 2.0 version.

The first attendees already sent their session-topics last week. So you will have a small insight into the themes:

Also, like other Developers Paradise events this one is not going to be only about code and networking!

The official motto of this year event is ‘Lots of Code & Fun in the Snow’. Morning and afternoon skiing and snowboarding in a beautiful landscape will be a great addition to other conference events.

To see the detailed conference program, please visit this page.

The Developers Paradise 2015 is organized by Netresearch App Factory AG -  the company specialized in add-ons for e-commerce platforms, Magento Preferred Extension Development Partner, developer of Magento extensions for technology and industry partners like DHL, Hermes and Ogone.

NB! Please note that in order to make the Developers Paradise Winter Edition very exclusive, the number of attendees is limited!  So don’t miss your change to visit this event, get your conference tickets now!

Developer Paradise 2015 Tickets

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Meet Magento Switzerland 2014 Impressions
Posted by Vitaly Gonkov on 29 October 2014 04:11 AM


Sylvain Rayé, Ben Marks and Guido Jansen are speaking about the first Swiss Meet Magento event and sharing their thoughts on the release of Magento 2.0 

Held in the halls of Riverside-Glattfelden Hotel, beautifully located near a leafy spot in the Winterthur region, the first Swiss Meet Magento event gathered around 300 people. 24 keynotes with a large variety of eCommerce and programming topics were delivered by experts in their domain.

We have interviewed Sylvain Rayé (one of the main organizers of the event), Ben Marks  (a Community Evangelist at Magento) and Guido Jansen (one of the brightest event speakers) and asked their opinions about the conference and thoughts on the upcoming release of Magento 2.0.

Profil_bg-e1399072905938Sylvain RayéOrganizer of Meet Magento CH, eCommerce Maker B2B B2C. Magento Expert. OroCRM Akeneo Pioneer

“I truly believe that the success of Magento 2.0 largely depends on the commitment of the community.   If all the community people support it, adopt it and help to make it better, I’m convinced it will be even more successful than now.”


Question: This year you have participated in some of Magento events as a speaker. Now you have tried the role of the event organizer. Does it feel different?

Sylvain: Yes, totally. When you just deliver a speech at the conference, it’s one thing.  When you organize it, it’s an absolutely different feeling and vision of the event.

As an organizer, you have to deal with lots of challenging ‘backstage’ issues, manage various event aspects, make sure everything is in order and under your control. In addition, organizing an event of this type requires cooperation and rapport with lots of different people, so you need to be able to communicate and find time for everyone.

As you said, this was the 1st experience in organizing Meet Magento for me. And to be honest, I had to learn a lot to organize the conference the best possible way. Hopefully, me and my team managed to do that.

Question: What were the biggest challenges and trouble when organizing Meet Magento event here in Switzerland?

Sylvain: Shaping the conference agenda and marketing the event were, perhaps, the most challenging tasks I had to deal with.

First, when organizing such a conference, you need to surface the best content, pick up most interesting and trendy topics on eCommerce and Magento development.

Second, mainly because Switzerland has a relatively small market, it’s quite difficult to promote the events of such a kind here. In addition to promoting the event online, I had to go to various locations, talk to people, convince them that the conference will be interesting for them and good for their businesses.

Question:  Almost all of the keynotes at the conference were in English. Why did you decide to choose this language for the German speaking audience?

Sylvain: We tried to organize an event that will be interesting both for the local and international businesses.  That’s why we chose English as the main language of the conference.

However, attracting foreigners to come to the event wasn’t the main reason. You know, there are four national languages in Switzerland: French, German, Italian and Romansh. We wanted to organize Meet Magento that would be interesting for all the Swiss businesses, without an exception. Not only Swiss-German or Swiss-French ones. That’s why we chose English, as it is the international language of communication.

Also, in general, English is not a problem for the German speaking people. As you probably know, last week there was Magento Live! in Munich,  and it was both in German and in English. No one needed translation actually.

Question: You know, everything is changing, and so is Magento. What are your thoughts on the upcoming release of Magento 2.0? Do you believe it will be more successful than its current version?

Sylvain: I truly believe that the success of Magento 2.0 largely depends on the commitment of the community.   If all the community people support it, adopt it and help to make it better, I’m convinced it will be even more successful than now. That is why we organize Meet Magento events – to get the community actively involved.

Question: Do you think that Magento 2.0 can reshape the eCommerce landscape?

Sylvain: You know, to reshape something, you need to have a different vision of it. At the moment it’s hard to say what changes Magento 2.0 will bring. Some technical improvements still need to be made and some important points concerning the framework and features need to be clarified.

But I believe that if Magento manages to introduce a product that will be easy-to-use for an average shop owner and a customer (who just want to get the best experience and don’t care much about technical aspects), it will definitely have a success.

We thank Sylvain for the interview and wish him good luck with organizing more Magento events in Switzerland.

A cool fact about Sylvain Rayé: changes hair style every season.



vwx8LOOK Ben Marks, Community Evangelist at Magento

“From the developer standpoint, Magento 2.0 is a cleaner code base with a clearer, more consistent architecture.  So basically this is one of the things that facilitates testing. I think the ability to write and alter code and know that you are not negatively affecting anything else in the system is vital, especially in eCommerce.”

Question: Please share your impressions about the 1st Meet Magento Switzerland event.

Ben: If you go to a lot of Meet Magento events, which I’m lucky to be able to do, there’s always a constant level of quality everywhere. But there are also distinct features in each region, which I think make all of them successful.

Talking about this conference, it’s great to see the 1st time event with so many people having business, going to the talks and getting valuable Magento experience.

Question: Which of Meet Magento events was the brightest and the most memorable this year?

Ben: Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to visit each conference. I have attended the events in Milan (Italy), New York, Romania, Brazil and … Switzerland obviously.

Romania was good for me, because it was my first time there. You know, even flying over the Carpathian was magic. Also, for me, as an outsider, was surprising to learn how big the Magento community was there, how much business was going on in this region and how high the level of production was.

Also, I enjoyed Brazil a lot. It was a smaller event though, but the Brazilian hospitality was just amazing.

Question: Ok. And the next group of questions is about the thing everybody in the community is talking about now – Magento 2.0. What do you personally expect from the platform upgrade?

Ben:  From the developer standpoint, Magento 2.0 is a cleaner code base with a clearer, more consistent architecture. So basically this is one of the things that facilitates testing. I think the ability to write and alter code and know that you are not negatively affecting anything else in the system is vital especially in eCommerce. So the testability for me is probably one of the most important things about Magento 2.0.

Question: As it has been recently announced, the developer demo version of Magento 2.0 is coming this December, right?

Ben: Yes, true. But note that it’s not like Magento 1. Mainly because this time we are making our own framework. There are plenty of good PHP networks out there, but we decided to make our own. We are following some of the PHP framework interoperability group, PHP FIG; following some industry standards, PHP standard recommendations – PSR, and we are using Composer.

We know that Magento 2.0 is going to be playing like a lot of PHP networks and a lot of other PHP apps. So our main task for now is to make sure that it all works well.

Right now we are working on the platform. And in December we are putting out our best idea of what Magento 2.0 is. Then we collect all the feedback from developers, roll it up and in March the platform should be compete.

After that, we are going to start the merchant side of it. That’s when we’ll take the final version of the framework and go through all the eCommerce functionality in Magento. This is already happening a little bit, but later we’ll be primarily focusing on this.

Basically, what we want to do is to make all the functionality of Magento 1 exist in Magento 2.0, but with all the proper refactoring. For example, right now if you go to Magento and look at Sales – Order object, it has more than 20 dependencies in its constructor. This is really not ideal, and it means that this class is doing to much and hard and expensive to test.

After all this job is done and the platform gets polished, we will launch its final version during the last quarter of 2015. When Magento 2.0 is released, there will be the Enterprise version, the Community version, and we will support Magento 1 for the next three years.

We thank Ben for the interview and wish him good luck with the community and Magento 2.0 next year.

 A cool fact about Ben Marks: Ben has the coolest Mac in the whole Magento community




 Guido JansenConversion Manager for Comparison International at Sanoma, speaker.

“I’m sure the new version of Magento will be popular. It has a lot of potential for the platform and the ecosystem in general.  However, this is unlikely to become popular at once – the transition stage from the current version to a newer one will take some time.”

Question: You have attended lots of Meet Magento events this year. Which one was the best in your opinion?

Guido: Well, it’s hard to say and single out the best one, as each Meet Magento conference is unique.

But, you know, I love seeing the events happening for the 1st time, like it is right here. It’s always great to discover new places, new people, emerging markets – all that is real fun.

Question:  You know, everyone in the community is talking about Magento 2.0. What are your personal expectations from the new version of the platform?

Guido: Well, I personally expect that it will go stable in the next 20 years. :)

Question: Do you believe that Magento 2.0 is capable of reshaping the whole eCommerce landscape?

Guido: It’s hard say for now. I’m sure the new version of the platform will be popular. It has a lot of potential for the platform and the ecosystem in general.

However, this is unlikely to happen at once – the transition stage from the current version to a newer one will take some time. People need to master it, get used to it. Now we all are just in an early adaptation phase, there’s still a long road ahead of us, and we all need to learn what kind of beast Magento 2.0 is.

Question: Guido, we loved your presentation is was just amazing (follow the link to watch it). Could you share more tips on online persuasion with our blog readers?

Guido: Sure.

Question: When talking about reciprocation in eCommerce, you mentioned the fact that in order to attract people, you need to provide some type of enticement for them. That can be a free month of subscription to your service, a free app, a free e-Book, whatever.

But I guess that these days there are tons of such free stuff online, and people just take it for granted. They lost their interest to such things. Is there any way to revive their interest to things they are used to get free of charge?

Guido: Yes. Let me draw an example.

Here, at the conference, anyone can get a free pen. And no one cares about the name of the company written on it. Everyone expects to get a free pen, pencil, notebook, and things like that. But this stuff  is not really special to them. Because it’s impersonal.

Make it personal, and people will love it again. You can generate a personalized discount coupon, a pen with somebody’s name, etc. Remember the latest Coca-Cola campaign?

But note that it also won’t work if you trade free stuff for something. For instance, you ask to subscribe to your newsletter to get a free book. In this case you aren’t offering a book for free actually, you are trading it.

Question: Talking about trading, you know that now lots of companies offer free stuff, but when you actually get it, you discover that in order to get the functionality or the features you need, you have to shell out. For example, downloading a free app that does almost nothing unless you unlock the paid features. Is such type of deliberate deceiving ok, or it can hurt your business?

Guido:  Well, it’s all about ethics actually. Personally, I don’t like this tactics.

I believe that you should inform people before they get/download something that has limited/restricted functionality. Each offer of such a type should be properly labeled to tell people what they can actually get. No more, no less.

Otherwise, you have a very little chance to engage with these people later.

Question: I can’t but agree.

And the last question: in your speech you said a lot about different means of persuasion. You know, now we are living in a visual world. Do you think that images can work as a more effective means of persuasion than text?

Guido: I think both can work well. It really depends on a type of a website and a customer. I did some tests with chaining images and text, and I should say that both can bring good results.

I haven’t seen any A/B testing with videos. And frankly speaking, I doubt that video is a good option here (as it distracts people). But text can be one of the options you can change videos with.

We thank Guido for the interview and wish him good luck with and a bigger number of bight conference performances next year.

Cool facts about Guido: Guido is an avoid Coca-Cola fan.


Good bye Switzerland! Untill next time!

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Meet Magento Switzerland 2014 – Learn. Share. Connect.
Posted by Natalie Pavlovskaya on 24 September 2014 04:26 AM


The leading Magento eCommerce Community Conference is arriving in Zurich, Switzerland.

Being the world’s famous eCommerce conference, with 8 years of experience in 11 countries, Meet Magento will take place in Zurich on October, 24 for the first time. The leading specialists and experts from the entire ecosystem: merchants, service providers, agencies and developers will present their knowledge and share their experience. The event promises to deliver great speeches about:

• Magento 2
• revenue improvements
• inbound marketing
• code quality and productivity
• B2B/B2C
• psychology in eCommerce

The conference is an excellent opportunity to encounter the whole Magento community, learn more about the latest eCommerce trends, exchange knowledge, establish new contacts and find great benefits for your business.

Meet Magento Switzerland 2014 expects about 300 attendees from different European counties, so it’s an excellent chance to grow your business network in Switzerland and Europe.

Conference Highlights

The event’s highlights include:

• Morning Magento run (still need to be confirmed)
• Opening Keynote from
• 24 conferences with a large variety of topics done by experts in their domain
• Day closing with Magento Community Manager Ben Marks
• Magento Doctors Booth from the Firegento Association
• Networking After Party
• Magento Bowling Contest
• Famous international & Swiss Speakers
• Magento Hackathon on 25th & 26th October


An impressive line-up of the keynote speakers has been assembled for the 1st Meet Magento Swedish edition. 


Tickets and Location

The ticket sale has now been opened. You can get your pass to the conference HERE

Meet Magento Switzerland will be held in the halls of Riverside-Glattfelden Hotel, beautifully located near a leafy spot in the Winterthur region.


P.S. By the way, the MageWorx team is also planning to visit the event. So if you want to learn more about us, exchange business cards or discuss any type of cooperation, we can meet up there.

Being a Bronze Sponsor and the conference media partner, we will be covering the event on Twitter, Facebook and on our blog. 

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Posted by Natalie Pavlovskaya on 21 August 2014 10:19 AM


For entrepreneurs, developers and service providing agencies in and around Magento industry, Meet Magento events are an essential way to get up to speed on the latest tech and ecommerce trends, do business and share ideas within the community, find potential customers and partners,and just have lots of fun!

Meet Magento New York is the first ever Meet Magento conference held in the United States. Mark down September 22-23, 2014 in your calendar, get a ticket with the 20% discount (code: MgWrxMM) and pack your bags. It’s going to be epic!

The Conference

Be prepared for two fully-packed days of networking events, presentations of the industry leading speakers, tons of insights, “Speed Dating” business sessions and a Hackathon.

What is more, the event offers a great opportunity to take your business to the international arena. You can meet lots of new people from all over the world, listen to the Magento brightest minds, connect with the most interesting community members and find new friends.

The event takes place at Digital Sandbox – 55 Broad Street, located in the heart of the Financial District.



Speaker Hall of Fame

Meet Magento NY will bring together the most passionate and purpose-driven minds. They’re inspiring, smart, fun and creative. They are exactly who will give you the big picture of Magento and eCommerce.

The content of the conference ranges from the little search box keynotes and online persuasion ideas to the talks on the trend disrupting eCommerce and killing businesses and how to work with Magento extension providers.


Stay Tuned  - #MM14NY

and don’t forget to get tickets 20% off – your discount code is MgWrxMM

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