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Top 12 Magento Experts A Newbie Should Follow on Twitter
Posted by Natalie on 17 February 2014 09:59 AM


Being new to something is hard. Being new to Magento can easily make your head explode from the bulk of information you should deal with.

That’s why we’ve prepared a list of top rated Magento experts every newbie should follow on Twitter. These Magento Ninjas know the platform back-to-front, have relevant experience, share their knowledge together with valuable content and of course are worth keeping an eye on.

We based our choice not on the followers’ count like many of the similar posts but rather on the following points:

  • Influence in the community;
  • Ability to share useful information.
1. Ivan Chepurnyi, one of the first specialists in Magento @IvanChepurnyi

Ivan Chepurnyi is called one of the “Fathers” of Magento, as he was in the team of first five core developers. Since then he developed enormous number of modules and customizations. Not surprisingly he’s got vast experience, some people even call him a King of Magento.

Ivan likes sharing all his knowledge with the community and helps other people come with Magento complexity.

2. Guido Jansen, a Magento evangelist with great passion for his work @gxjansen
Guido Jansen is the Dutch community manager for Magento, one of the founders of the Dutchento and a must-follow person because he is one of the few Magento guys who has the capacity to explain technical things in an easy, creative or fun way.

Guido shares his experience very eagerly – blog posts, guest posts, conferences, presentations that are always brief and to-the-case. What’s more he is very active on Twitter, so following him is the best way to keep track of the latest industry news.

3. Alan Storm, a Magento guru with the experience you would die for @alanstorm
Alan Storm is a developer with much experience who runs an advanced blog devoted to all that stuff for developers. His Twitter profile and blog would be equally interesting to anyone using Magento, no matter whether you’re a seasoned pro or just new to the platform.

Alan’s Twitter profile is a mixture of professional posts and personal witty tweets.

4. Brent W Peterson, a forum moderator for Magento website & a true enthusiast @brentwpeterson
brentBrent is a very interesting figure in Magento community whose mission is to bring the good news of the Magento Eco-System to the world. Being a true Magento Evangelist & the engine of its community Brent does a lot to make Magento mowing forward.

If you’re a newcomer don’t be afraid to ask questions. A lot of questions. Brent is the person who will 100% help you, as he is one of the forum moderators for Magento Ecomerce Website. Plus Brent is an experienced developer and is keen on running (Check Mage Run)

5. Vinai Kopp, a Magento pro concentrating on developer trainings @VinaiKopp

Vinai Kopp has been doing Magento since March 2008 and is primarily active in training Magento developers and providing technical consulting.

Since October 2011 Vinai Kopp is a manager of developer education at Magento Inc. He knows Magento inside-out and is an active community member, so if you have some niche questions or questions concerning his posts Vinai will never ignore your tweets.

6. Keren Adam Aminia, your guide to the world of Magento Events @MagentoKeren
kerenNo doubt Magento Events is the most interesting part of Magento. You’ve got several days to meet new people, network, share ecommerce ideas/innovations with the International Magento community and just have fun.

Keren is the event lead for Magento. Following her you won’t miss a single conference, training or certification event.

7. Tom Robertshaw, famous for his in-depth ecommerce surveys @bobbyshaw

Tom Robertshaw is a Magento guru well-known for his ecommerce surveys and the person who is extremely popular in Magento development circles. Tom actively shares his experience via surveys, blog posts, interviews, slideshare presentations, forum posts.

What’s more Tom actively participate in many Magento events & spread life facts and the knowledge he gets there with the world.

8. Branko Ajzele, a highly experienced Magento developer @ajzele
Branko Ajzele is a professional Magento developer who contributes a great deal to the community with his practice-oriented blog posts and advice.

Branko is one of the most active developer in the Magento community. His Twitter profile is an ideal place to keep track of his awesome blog articles.

9. Kimberely Thomas, an expert on responsive Magento themes & the only lady developer on our list @magentogirl kimberely

Kimberely Thomas is probably one of the most well-known woman developer in the community. She specializes in responsive Magento themes and shares her experience with the community.

Kimberely’s Twitter profile contains a lot of useful information concerning Magento tips, community news and mobile topics.

10. Ashley Schroder, a talented developer & blogger from New Zealand @aschroderash Ashley Schroder is a Magento expert who is absolutely categorical that starting your own blog is a must-have today. Ashley himself has been running a successful blog devoted to Magento development since 2008.

“Blogging enhances your writing skills, helps to build your own audience and brand, prompts to create useful content and is a way to interact with interesting people across the web,” says Ashley.

Ashley is your blogging mentor who shares his Magento development experience in blog posts and tweets.

11. Kalen Jordan, your perfect example of how to become a Magento community star in 2 years @kalenjordan
kalen-jordanKalen Jordan has been doing Magento seriously since November 2011. He is a Certified Developer who is actively involved in the Magento community and a Founder of his own company. Not bad for 2 years, right?

Want to know what’s happening in the community? Follow those who constantly interact  with Magento developers. Follow Kalen Jordan.

12. Piotr Kaminski, experienced Magento expert @piotrekkaminskipiotr

Piotr Kaminski has joined Magento team 10 years ago. Since then he played different roles in the company from the development to sales. Now he is a product manager with the in depth technical understanding of the platform.

Active members of the Magento community say that Piotr should be the official community manager. Be sure he won’t ignore your tweets send to him if there’s no good reason for that.

Here is is our list of top rated Magento experts every newbie should follow on Twitter. If we missed someone feel free to share your opinion in the comments below.

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Life of an E-commerce Store Owner in GIF
Posted by Natalie on 30 January 2014 08:44 AM

How e-commece newbies imagine it would be






How the first steps really look like






When developers show you the first version of your website








One night before launching your site







Suddenly you find a bug








And you feel like f*ck it I’m leaving







But then you realize how to fix it








Your first morning as an e-commerce store owner






You check the site and understand that it’s down








You have to fix it, help all the guys with the support questions, start social media campaigns and… It’s a critical moment when you realize







When you came up with the brilliant idea how to raise sales






But realize that your competitors came up with the same idea earlier








There are some days when you get so many support questions  and you feel like







When someone says bad things about your brand on the web and you try to protect but have to desert






When you finally get positive reviews where people say your brand rocks!







Ecommerce isn’t an easy thing. But you love what you do



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7 Simple Ways To Improve Your Magento Store in 2014
Posted by Natalie on 28 January 2014 06:50 AM

magento-store-in-2014 2014 is in its full play, that means it’s high time to set clear objectives and plan a winning SEO-content-marketing strategy to make your e-commerce business more powerful this year.

Don’t hurry up to say: “One more Captain Obvious post”, coz when it comes to actually creating an effective strategy, you may realize that it’s easier said than done.

Now then what are those wise objectives? To help you gain the head start in the new year, we’ve gathered 7 simple tips you can’t afford to ignore. Choose your favourite points and start implementing them as soon as possible.


I know, you’ve heard it many times, but these points are actually the core of the whole work. Where to start? Please, start with the following 3 questions.


It may sound easier than it is. But think deeper. The web is full of various people: from occasional visitors and loyal users to indifferent strangers or the Internet trolls.

You don’t need all of them. You need to identify your target audience – so to say pick those who are the most profitable for you in terms of revenue and loyalty.

Brainstorm for a couple of hours (or maybe days) and build a picture of your potential customer or a group of customers (their age, gender, marital status, occupation, income, behaviour on your website, hobbies and so on.) When you have a picture of a real person in mind it’s easier to build up your marketing strategy.


  • Do you want to raise brand awareness and drive leads?
  • Do you want to develop more loyalty?
  • Do you want to raise sales by converting leads into customers?
  • Are you looking for referrals from the engaged customers?
  • Do you want to raise sales per customer?

thehowThere are different ways to make your e-commerce store better in 2014. Of course you can’t reach all the goals at once. And you needn’t.

Just have a look at our 7 points, pick up your favourites and start improving you store.

no-seo-cryingWhen it come to search engine optimization many store owners just clutch their heads: either learn it by yourself, hire an SEO guru, stay with the default Magento SEO or find the right Magento SEO extension.

While optimizing you e-commerce store pay attention on the following 8 important on-site ranking factors (according to KISSmetrics):

  • Keyword optimization;
  • Site Structure;
  • Usability;
  • Internal Linking;
  • Customer Reviews;
  • Rich Snippets;
  • Social Media Integration;
  • Mobile Version of Website;

When it comes to Magento SEO the right extension is what you need. You can find various modules that differ in price and features. To understand whose SEO extension offers the best value for the money our team made a Detailed comparison of the top Magento extensions.

When dealing with Magento SEO you may need some help from a specialist. But on the other hand you may start optimizing by yourself with the help of Magento SEO extension like SEO Suite Ultimate.

Update your website with quality content – search engines love it:
  • Start a blog with regular updates as it may assist in ranking your e-commerce store for additional keywords (but don’t overuse them);
  • Make product videos – 52 percent of consumers say that watching product videos makes them more confident in online purchase decisions according to Invodo;
  • Write Press Releases;
  • Create User Guides;
  • Produce high quality guest posts (don’t be spammy and don’t overuse links).


Once a visitor enters your website, you have to make him stay. How? Make appealing images of your product. Yet so many store owners fall at this point. No matter how great your product is if the images suck say goodbye to a number of potential customers.
Images matter! Show off your products in the most eye-catching and yummy ways. Take care of the image quality and details – let your customers see as much as possible from different angles.
Having the right images can become that difference between a visitor turning into a customer or leaving away to another e-store. Oh yeah, don’t forget to optimize images to make them more searchable and shareable.

content-king-usability-queenUsability is extra important for SEO and site visitors. If your e-commerce store rocks with usability, your customers will start visiting it on a regular basis.

The point of having a website with great user experience means it’s easy to navigate, helpful and fun. Make sure your Magento website can cope with following usability steps:

  • Make your website easy to navigate. Ensure you have the right structure both for visitors to browse and search engines to understand;
  • Make sure your site search is relevant. Let your customers find what they’re looking for. Here Extended Search Magento extension may come to help;
  • Ensure the checkout process is simple;
  • Website loads quickly.


I absolutely like the quote by Darek Halpern from SocialTriggers “If you’re not building your email list, you’re an idiot“.  Developing a strong email list is absolutely important for your business growth as email list is the most reliable and effective channel to convert subscribers into customers.
Make sure your e-mail messages are wide-range: give exclusive promotions, news, product updates, blog articles, exclusive specials, sales, discounts and giveaways.


Social-MediaIt’s hard to imagine any website not using social media today. It’s one of the most effective channel to share content, engage with customers and grow your community. Use social media correctly. Focus on what is important for your community – share content that is of high value.According to Jayson DeMers from Forbes: “A branded social presence can help build word of mouth that gets you customers, mentions, and links.”If you don’t how to start to build your smm strategy – try some Beginner’s Guide To Social Media.
This is probably not the first time you hear about responsive design. To convince you that being responsive is important here are some stats:
  • 80% of smartphone owners want more mobile-optimized product information while they’re shopping in stores;
  • 4 out of 5 consumers use smartphones to shop;

The future is mobile, as more & more people favourite their mobiles and tablets over desktop computers. These days ignoring smartphones and tablets mean you simply let your customers go to your competitors whose websites are easier to use.

3-kind-of-serviceService is key to success. Having first class customer service is half of the battle. You must provide quality service before, during and after your customers may need it to make them absolutely happy.

The more helpful your team is the more likely your customers will on the one hand purchase from you, on the other – spread good word about your work. What is more with  great support you will blow your competitors out. Whether you use email-phone service, live chat or Facebook/Twitter response – your customers must know that you will help 24/7.

We Recommend: “Customers for Life” by Carl Sewell – great book for sales people in any industry.

Hopefully you will find some of those tips helpful. Perhaps you’ve already made some steps to better your Magento store. Be sure to let us know about your tips and tricks by commenting below.

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MageWorx Christmas Giveaway Winners
Posted by Natalie on 27 December 2013 09:21 AM

mageworx-giveaway-winnersMageWorx Christmas Giveaway is now over! Thank all the participants, we appreciate your each and every your like, share and comment.

We’ve got 3 winners! Yes, you’ve heard it right!
Congratulations to Stuart Taylor who gets one of our extensions, Alexander Sibert who gets 2 hours of free customization and Manuel Ptdesign who gets 1 hour of free customization and a 15% discount!

Submit a ticket at – sales dep. and get your gifts!

Thank you all who took part in our giveaway! Guys who were less luckier – keep your chin up! Follow us on Twitter and Facebook and don’t miss future contests and giveaways!

Happy Holidays!

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Share and win free MageWorx extension or customization!
Posted by Natalie on 24 December 2013 05:32 AM

Christmas spirit is all around!

Sales, discounts, giveaways, special offers and contests…To make this magic time more interesting MageWorx Santa have prepared some special presents for you – win one copy of any MageWorx extension OR 2 hours of customization for free!


  • To enter the giveaway you need to share this post on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or LinkedIn (at least one social network) with the above or below buttons.
  • Make sure your shared posts are not hidden from us by your privacy settings.
  • We’ll pick 2 winners among those users who will share this post at random on Thursday, 26.

NOTE! One winner will get the extension he/she chooses, the other – 2 hours of free customization!

The more you share – the higher your chances to win. Make yourself a Christmas present and get one of MageWorx gifts!

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