Advanced Product Options Magento 2

This is the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page for the Advanced Product Options Suite extension made by MageWorx. In case you find the answer to your question here - that's absolutely fantastic. If not, please do not hesitate to drop us a line and we'll be happy to assist you.

How to update the extension?

The Advanced Product Options extension has a specific way to update if the customer uses the installation by copying the code method.

To update the extension, the user needs to go to /app/code/Mageworx/ and manually delete the folders:

  • OptionBase

  • OptionDependency

  • OptionInventory

  • OptionFeatures

  • OptionTemplates

  • OptionLink

  • OptionSwatches

  • OptionSkuPolicy

When done, please follow the default steps. For the composer installation, the procedure is the default as well.

How to use the “Manage stock” feature?

Our extension allows the store owner to specify the available stock quantity for each custom option's value. To start using the inventory for custom options, the Manage Stock toggle should be enabled and the Quantity fields populated.

Advanced Product Options MageWorx FAQ

After this is done, the product options will show the quantity on the frontend:

Advanced Product Options MageWorx FAQ

Depending on the settings available in STORES ⟶ Configuration ⟶ MAGEWORX ⟶ Option Inventory, the design of the stock can be different:

Advanced Product Options MageWorx FAQ

The quantity can be hidden, the out of stock options may be either visible (but not clickable) or hidden, the out of stock message can be either visible or hidden.

What is the images size and format to upload?

We do not provide the exact rules for the images but we highly recommend using the .png or .jpg images. The maximum dimensions should be no more than 800x800 px to lessen the size of the webpage. Please note that our extension doesn’t support most of the photo zoom extension tool.

Product options SKU policy is taking the prices of the individual SKUs, how to change this?

Once the products are linked, currently it is not possible to change the price to some other one. We will implement this feature a bit later. If you suppose that the price will be different from the appropriate simple product taken for the SKU linking, we recommend you to unselect this setting in STORES ⟶ Configuration ⟶ MAGEWORX ⟶ Advanced Product Options ⟶ Option Link:

Advanced Product Options MageWorx FAQ

How can we make multiple products have the same children?

Our extension provides the possibility to create the templates for the products that share the same product options. In case you have created some options setup for some product, we recommend you to create a separate template for this operation and assign it directly to the products selection.

SKU Policy feature lets you determine how the SKU of the products with custom options will be formed in the order. The point is that if you manually write down the SKU of some simple or virtual product to specific custom option, the product data will be populated for this particular option. SKU Policy doesn't create extra products in the catalog.

Suppose you need to associate the product option with some particular product. The SKU of the product is 24-MG01.

Advanced Product Options MageWorx FAQ

If we manually put 24-MG01 in the SKU box of the product option, the name, value and the price will be automatically populated from this product.

How to make the option hidden on the frontend when it is out of stock?

If the product has the Manage Stock toggle enabled and the quantity populated, the product option may become fully sold (out of stock). To manage such product options go to STORES ⟶ Configuration ⟶ MAGEWORX ⟶ Option Inventory.

Advanced Product Options MageWorx FAQ

The Out-Of-Stock configuration regulates the display of such options. If the setting is set up to Disable, the option will be visible on the frontend but not clickable. In case it is Hidden, it won't show at all.

Advanced Product Options MageWorx FAQ

On the left screenshot, the frontend view with the option enabled, on the right the option is disabled.

Does your extension support Tier Prices?

We are working hard to implement this long-awaited feature as fast as possible. Stay tuned for the updates!

When you modify some products' custom options you may see the Keep Options on Unlink setting. in the Customizable Options tab (to see it, open CATALOG ⟶ Products and select the desired one).

Advanced Product Options MageWorx FAQ

If you assign a template to a product and then change or remove some options of the template directly on the product page, all your changes will be reverted to the original values in the next template update. You should unassign the template using the Keep Options on Unlink in this case.