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How to install Magento 1 extension

Extension Installation

  1. Disable the Compilation Mode (if enabled) in System -> Tools -> Compilation

    Disable Compilation

  2. Enable and flush Magento caches in System -> Cache Management

    Flush Magento Caches

  3. Log out from Magento Admin panel.

  4. Unpack the contents of the Extension folder from the package file purchased from MageWorx to your Magento root folder.
  5. Log into Magento Admin Panel.
  6. Go to the System -> Cache Management section, flush Magento caches again.
  7. You can run the Compilation mode back if necessary in System -> Tools -> Compilation
  8. Go to System -> Configuration -> MageWorx tab -> Extensions & Support section. If you see the new extension in the list of installed MageWorx extensions, the process is successful.

Extension Modifications

If you want to modify the extension’s templates, copy its layout and skin files to your custom template or theme from app/design/frontend/base/default/* to app/design/frontend/<your-template>/<your-theme>/*