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Magento 2 Donations Suite Manual

Donations Suite Cover


Magento 2 Donations Suite is the extension that makes it possible to accept online donations and support non-profits and charities you care about. Out of the box, Magento 2 doesn’t allow to add such order surcharges.

Requirements and Installation

Donations Suite supports both Community and Enterprise edition of Magento starting from version 2.1. The current version of Magento installed on your website can be found in the lower right corner of any backend page.

Magento 2 Version

Donations Suite has 2 separate ways of installation: via Composer or by copying the code.

Installation Via Composer

  1. Create a folder anywhere on your server (preferably not in the Magento installation directory). Put the zip archive into this folder.

  2. Use any SSH client to connect to your server. Navigate to the root Magento folder. Bear in mind that the user should write permissions to this folder and its subfolders.

  3. Add the folder with the extension's archive as a repository. For this, run the Composer command:

    composer config repositories.mageworx artifact {/ABSOLUTE/PATH/TO/FOLDER}


    composer config repositories.mageworx artifact /mageworx/extensions/zip

    This command will add these lines to your composer.json file

    "mageworx": {
        "type": "artifact",
        "url": "/mageworx/extensions/zip"
  4. Perform the command:

    composer require mageworx/module-donationsmeta
  5. Clear the compiled code and the cache:

    php bin/magento setup:upgrade
  6. To update the extension via composer perform the command:

    composer update mageworx/module-donationsmeta

Installation by copying the code

  1. Download the extension's package from your customer account, unzip it.

  2. Use any SSH client to connect to your server. Bear in mind that the user should write permissions to this folder and its subfolders.

  3. Upload all the files and folders from the extension's package to the root Magento folder.

  4. Via SSH, navigate to the root Magento folder and perform the command:

    php bin/magento module:enable MageWorx_Donations
  5. Clear the compiled code and cache:

    php bin/magento setup:upgrade
    php bin/magento cache:flush
    php bin/magento setup:static-content:deploy

Extension Configuration

Backend Setup

The main extension’s settings can be found under STORES ⟶ Configuration ⟶ MAGEWORX ⟶ Donations.

Mageworx Donations Settings

Accept Cart Donations adds the donations box on the shopping cart page. If disabled, it is possible to add donations only via the backend.

Enable donations in Admin Orders enables/disables the possibility to add donations from the backend.

Minimum Donation specifies the minimal value of the donation. This will be shown on the frontend as well. Please bear in mind that this value is for the frontend only. For the orders with donations that are being created in the backend, it won't be counted.

Default Description allows to change the default text of the donation box.

Donation Amount Placeholder provides the sample text that is shown inside the donation box. This text should explain or motivate the user to add the donation.

Show Predefined Amounts allows to add the desired donation amounts as separate values in the dropdowns. Below this field the store owner can add these values one by one.

Mageworx Donations Settings

This is the way how these settings can be combined to show the donations on the frontend. The predefined amounts are shown in the dropdown menu. If Custom Amount is selected, the client can specify the desired value. The donation placeholder text (Enter your donation in this case) is shown on this box.

These settings provide the possibility to add some small round-up for the full price. In case the user's subtotal has the decimal part (like $20.40), this setting will allow to add the roundup (60 cents) to the donation.

The donation field is optional and can be unchecked.

In case the subtotal doesn't include decimals and the Enable Round Up Donation is set to yes, it provides the possibility to add $1.

Note that if the customer changes the charity name in the dropdown selection, the roundup changes as well.

Manage Charities

To add or edit the charities section, go to SALES ⟶ Donations ⟶ Charity

Mageworx Donations Charity Setup

Please note that during the initial setup this grid will be empty.

To add the new Charity, click the Add New Charity button.

Mageworx Donations Charity Setup

Under these settings you can specify the Name of the charity and its Description, upload an Image (logo), define the Sort Order and the Status of this charity.

Name, Description and the Image will be shown on the frontend. The sort order provdes the position of this charity.

Donations Box On the Orders Page

To add the donation via the backend, the store owner should go to Sales ⟶ Orders, make the new order and add any product.

After this, the Donations box will appear.

Mageworx Donations Backend

When added, it will be shown in the order summary

Mageworx Donations Backend

Frontend Experience

Mageworx Donations Frontend Cart

On frontend, the donations box is shown on the shopping cart.

On the screenshot, Your Donation is the Default Description specified in the extension's configuration

Below is the box to input the value for the donation. Next, in the dropdown, customers can select a charity they’d like to donate to. Orphanage is the charity name.

Mageworx Donations Frontend Cart

Its priority is based on the Sort Order setting in the Charity configuration

Below is the charities name, description and image from the Charity configuration as well.

The minimum donation from the extension's configuration is depicted below the image and the description.

Mageworx Donations Frontend Cart

After adding the donated sum will be summed with the order’s total.

Got Questions?

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