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How to completely uninstall Magento 2 extension

How To Uninstall the Magento 1 Extension

  1. Disable the extension. See the How to disable Magento extension page for reference.
  2. If the extension contains any dependent MySQL table, remove it.
  3. Delete the config record for the module you want to delete from the core_recourse table in the database. mysql DELETE from `core_resources` WHERE code LIKE 'extension_name'; The extension_name is the same as the folder app/code/community/MageWorx/<Extension>/sql/
  4. Delete /var/cache folder.
  5. Clear the websites cookies. The extension shouldbe completely uninstalled.

How To Uninstall the Magento 2 Extension

Several our extensions use the uninstall script. For this, connect to the server via SSH and perform these steps:

1) Navigate to the root Magento folder and perform the command:

ssh php bin/magento module:uninstall MageWorx_ModuleName

How to identify the name of the module?

The names of the extensions can taken from the names of the folders located in /app/code/Mageworx/ in the module's folder. Bear in mind that several folders can be seen there, in this case you need to list all of them without commas, like php bin/magento module:enable MageWorx_SeoAll MageWorx_SeoBase MageWorx_SeoXTemplates...etc. You do not need to include the meta package in this link. The meta package has the ...Meta word in the name like MageWorx_OrderManagementMeta. You do not need to add the extensions that were already installed.

2) If you've used the composer to install the extension, remove the extension Meta Package:

ssh composer remove mageworx/module-modulenamemeta

3) Run the setup:upgrade command, then clear the cache and generated folders

ssh php bin/magento setup:upgrade rm -rf var/cache var/generation var/di var/page_cache generated/*

4) Run the reindex process to update your indexers

ssh php bin/magento indexer:reindex

If this didn't work for you, please feel free submit a ticket from